Charles performs vocal and instrumental versions of original music, classical, jazz and pop/rock as both a solo artist and with an ensemble. Charles has performed at venues including Pritzker Pavillion at Millennium Park, The Art Institute of Chicago and The Royal College of London.  Ask him about performing 

He has appeared on over 30 records with such bands and artists as The Astronomer, Pinetop Seven (Truckstop/Atavistic), Pan American (Kranky), Fruit Bats (SubPop/Perishable), Verbow (Sony), and Chris Mills (Powerless Pop).

The Astronomer self-titled (Fireworking Records)
Pan American “Quiet Life” (Kranky)
L’Altra “Complied” (Aesthetics)
Sinister Luck Ensemble “Anniversary” (Perishable)
Fruit Bats “Echolocation” (SubPop/Perishable)
Deanna Varagona “Tangled Messages” (Star Star Stereo)
The Lofty Pillars “When We Were Lost” (Truckstop)
Verbow “White Out” (Sony)
Boxhead Ensemble “Niagara Falls” (Truckstop)
Simon Joyner “The Lousy Dance” (Truckstop)
Michael Krassner self-titled (Truckstop)
Fred Lonberg-Holm “Site-Specific: Duets for Cello and Guitar” (Explain)
Pinetop Seven “Rigging the Toplights” (Truckstop)
Boxhead Ensemble “The Last Place To Go” (Truckstop)
Pinetop Seven “No Breath in the Bellows” (Truckstop)
Chris Mills “Every Night Fight For Your Life” (Sugar Free)
Boxhead Ensemble “Dutch Harbor : Where the Sea Breaks Its Back” (Truckstop)
Pinetop Seven “Pinetop Seven” (Truckstop)