As a composer, Charles Kim has been commissioned by the England's Royal College of Art, Showtime, Chicago's Redmoon Theater, and the Zephyr Dance Company. He composes for Mayfair Workshop, a scoring company whose clients include Target, Mc Donalds and Volkswagon. Common to his compositions is a close, sympathetic working relationship with the director's thematic vision. He also records, produces and records other musical artists. Most recently, he composed a symphonic suite for Redmoon Theater's "Last Of My Species" and help produce songs for the new record by r&b legend Ralph "Soul" Jackson. Charles has been recently been commisioned to be the musical director and composer for the 2012 production of Philip Dawkins' 'Failure' at the Victory Gardens Theater.Charles Kim has composed, recorded, and produced musical projects including albums and tracks for Andrew Bird, Sinister Luck Ensemble, Pan American, Fruit Bats, Pinetop Seven, Redmoon Theater and L'Altra.  Ask him about composing here.

composition and sound design
Victory Gardens 'Failure: A Love Story' 2012-2013
Ralph Soul Jackson (record production) 2011
Mayfair Workshop (commercial/tv scoring), 2008- Present
Redmoon Theater's "Last Of My Species", 2009
Redmoon Theater’s Audoban School Graduation Ceremonial March, 2009
Collaboraction’s “Sketchbook Festival”, 2009
Serendipty Theatre, 2nd Story, 2009
ESAM (work for hire), Redmoon Theater, 2008
"Heroes and Villains", Collaboaraction 2008
"Boneyard Prayer" , RedMoon Theater 2008
“Cakewalk”, The Journal of Short Film, 2006
“Brotherhood of Evil”, The History Channel, 2005
“The Freshman Diaries”, Showtime Networks 2003
“Collapse” by the Royal College of Art, England, 2002
Chicago Filmmakers, 2002
Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2001
University of Chicago - Doc Films Center, 2001
“Pinochet”, Theatre Oobleck (Chicago, IL) 1999
Equal Footing/Earing festival, Zephyr Dance Company (Chicago, IL) 1999
“The Old Man and the Sea”, RedMoon Theater (Chicago, IL) 1999
Winter Pageant, RedMoon Theater (Chicago, IL) 1998
“Dutch Harbor", Plexifilms, 1997

production, recording and mastering
Profiled in Electronic Musician Magazine July, 2002
Pan American “Small Holding” (Kranky)
Sinister Luck Ensemble “Anniversary” (Perishable)
The Zincs (forthcoming CD, Thrill Jockey)

awards and grants
Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program (CAAP) Music Composition Grant 2001.
Illinois Arts Tour Award, 2001.

Guitar, Electric and Upright Bass, Pedal Steel, Banjo, Violin, Tenor Saxophone,
Piano and Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Electronics